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In the world of UNIX/Linux-based operating systems, the command ‘whoami‘ is crucial in self-identification and system-wide rights validation within the OS.

Executing this command results in the output of the username that’s currently logged in. It is equivalent of showing your ID or building access card to anyone who asks in the real world.

Technical support, as well as security researchers and privacy-conscious users, find whoami very useful in troubleshooting. It provides an glimpse behind the curtain and potential causes of certain computer problems.


$ whoami
Moin Ahmad

I am a mobile designer, self-taught and experienced. I am also a mobile developer who creates apps, for iOS and sometimes Android. I’ve been using, enjoying, and designing for smartphones since 2007, when Apple first released the iPhone and when Google joined the party with the G1 (also known as the HTC Dream). Here’s more information about me.

When I begin a project, I approach it like an engineering problem, using the scientific method and logic. I define its purpose and outline how to achieve that purpose through efficient design and code.

Every app’s reason for existence is to solve a problem, to fulfill a need. Whether it’s accessing your financial accounts, your student account for school, your grocery list, your sketches of “that million dollar idea” perhaps, or simply spending a few minutes trying to guess your friend’s doodles, every single app solves a problem.

And that’s where I can help. You have an idea for the app; I have experience in helping you figure out how to fine tune your app idea so it provides the maximum benefit for your users. I’ll also help you get the most return from it.

“Oh! I do have an idea for an awesome app!”

Whether it’s the design, development, and/or marketing of the app, I can help you every step of the way towards a successful launch and subsequent support.

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